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Norton is an all-time classic British motorcycle marque, originally from Birmingham, founded in 1898. Norton has always had a huge racing history with such models as the B4, Manx, Atlas & Commander.
However Norton has always battled against solvency and changed ownership on a number of occasions but the Norton Brand is still alive today. In 1913 Norton went into bankruptcy and later reappeared with the new name, Norton Motors Ltd. Who went on to develop the BS 490 cc bike which became the first production race bike.
They were always known for making fast street racers and in 1907, a Norton ridden by Rem Fowler won the twin-cylinder class in the first Isle of Man TT race, beginning a sporting tradition that went on until the 1960s. The Isle of Man Senior TT, the most prestigious of events, was won by Norton ten times between the wars and then every year from 1947 to 1954.

A Classic Norton from 1929


The Manx (Or Featherbed, as it was nicknamed) got a new racing frame in 1950 designed by Rex & McCandless, it became a true champion, winning the world title in 1951.

Shortly after 1955 Norton stopped factory racing and went into a more market orientated period of existence. Norton then became known for fine handling machines, such as the 1962 - Dominator 650SS and the Norton Atlas 750cc.which later changed into the Ground-breaking Norton Commando.

Norton was merged into the Norton Villiers Triumph group which went into liquidation and the last commandos were built in 1978. The Norton brand was kept and developed a few bikes for the police forces and a civilian bike called the 588 cc Classic and a touring Commander.

In 1989 the staff built a Norton racer which won the national British championship. This win revived interest in Norton and a year later the F1 model was built.

In the late 1990ís Kenny Dreer of Oregon, USA bought Norton. He modernised the design and in the early 2000s went into series production with the 961 Commando, but then suspended operations in April 2006.

The Norton brand has now been secured by Stuart Garner, a UK businessman and owner of Norton Racing Ltd. Garner has built a new Norton factory at Donington Park, producing the Kenny Dreer 961 Commando and a new range of Norton motorcycles, with options including 1,200cc Superbike, and 750cc Supersport variants.

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The older your Norton motorcycle is, the harder it gets to find good quality bearings. We carry extensive stock and can source world-wide, allowing us to provide replacements for all Norton models including:

  • Singles
  • Dominator
  • Commando
  • Norton 350
  • Model 7
  • Fastback
  • Norton F1 Sport
  • Dominator 77
  • Roadster
  • Norton 500
  • Dominator 88
  • Interpol
  • Norton Manx
  • Dominator 99
  • Hi-rider
  • Norton Big Four
  • Cafe Racer
  • Interstate
  • Navigator
  • 650 SS
  • Combat




    1962 Norton Dominator


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